Vehicle Services & Car Registration in Romania

As an expat, getting a car registered on your name can be too much of a hassle. You are required to fill multiple applications and you have to visit 6-7 authorities to collect all the documents required to complete the Romanian car registration procedure. The entire process can take at least a couple of weeks, depending on each case.

MÖVE► can help you solve this puzzle by completing the entire procedure, on your behalf. Our document-chasers will get all the paperwork ready and submit it to the relevant authorities. We will pay the cost on your behalf, and we will also pick up the car’s new registration papers from the authorities and hand it to you. We also offer you the following vehicle related services:

  • Car Import & Export
  • Car Registration
  • RCA (Mandatory Car Insurance)
  • CASCO (Voluntary Insurance)
  • License Exchange
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Winter Tires
  • Vehicle Buying / Selling
  • Vehicle Hire
  • ITP (MOT /Periodic Technical Inspection Services)

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Typical Fees & Car Registration Process in Romania

Assuming you bought a car from another country and you want to register it in Romania, here is a list of fees and taxes (all in the ball-parks) that you might have to pay:

  • Authorized Romanian translation of the car procurement papers (invoice, proof of payment etc.): around 100 – 200 RONs, depending on each translator;
  • VAT tax – 24% of the invoiced car value (you might have to pay this tax if you purchase the car from a non-EU country or if you bought it, as new, from another EU country);
  • Car authentication & technical inspection performed at the Romanian Car Registry (450 RONs). If you want to register an exotic car and its model was never previously registered in Romania, you will have to pass further tests, so the CO2 emissions are calculated;
  • Mandatory car insurance (RCA): it’s value depends on the car data (age, engine etc.) and on the owner’s details (age, previous car accidents etc.);
  • Car registration tax (between 60 and 145 RONs);
  • Car pollution tax (so called “timbrul de mediu”): this is the largest tax that you might have to pay. This tax is payable only if it wasn’t previously paid by a previous owner of that car (so you have to pay it, if you buy a car from abroad). The amount of this tax is calculated depending on the car age, EURO standard, level of CO2 emissions and engine capacity. For your review, here is an online car tax calculator;
  • Fee for the car registration certificate (37 RONs);
  • Car number plate (40 RONs for a random number, 85 RONs for a pre-selected plate number).

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