Real Estate Investment in Romania

Whether you are an expat relocating to Bucharest or an investor wishing to make an investment in Romania, or one who has already invested in property in Romania, MÖVE► is here to help you. Through our strategic partner (a leading property management company), we have a selection of properties that are ready for corporate lets at a standard expected by the expats and a demand for more for the benefit of the property investor.

We understand that what Investors want and require is a full managed service solution requiring their minimum input and to have sanctuary of receipt in knowing that their property is being maintained to the highest standards. Our experience on this market means that you have the opportunity to not only check not only our ability, but also our credibility with other investors from EU and Asia.

Not only do we sell property, but also offer a full managed service solution for after sales to cover rentals. This means when we sell you a property we also undertake the obligation to rent it for you. We have also set up a due diligence service for property investors in Romania to get independent property valuations and legal advice relating to property.

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Real Estate in Romania:

Romania is one of the CEE countries with the most notable growth rate in investment volumes and evidence of a shift in investor sentiment towards the country. Romania provides some genuinely profitable investment opportunities in various industry fields and despite of the uncertain political climate, due to its surprising potential, it reveals remarkable possibilities proving highly advantageous especially for foreign investors.

There are several factors that are deemed to attract huge amounts of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the near future. Given the large size of the country, Romania is one the top ranked countries in the CEE region with a large market base. Foreign investors have the scope to cater to these markets and earn valuable returns on their investments.

Romania’s housing market is growing strongly, with low interest rates and improving economic conditions. House prices are rising robustly. Demand is picking up. Residential construction activity is improving.

Property / Real Estate is a key investment area:

It is a fact that FDI has increased dramatically in Romania, the investor friendly policies, strategic location and availability of abundant natural resource and skilled labors have worked in favor of Romania. The Real Estate industry in Romania is on the rise and has a vast scope for foreign investment. The foreign investors in Romanian property are taking the advantage of the existing low real estate prices in Europe, which is inevitable to increase in the future.

Advantages of investing in Real Estate in Romania:

  • The demand for real estate properties greatly outstrips the supply; thereby there is great scope for rise in the prices of the properties. It thus presents a great opportunity for foreign investors to earn profits.
  • Romania has a strong currency; the beneficial exchange rate means even better buying power for investors.
  • The central bank of Romania is implementing 100% mortgage scheme for property buyers, this will further push the property prices by about 15%.

One of our passion is to assist you in finding a home, investment, office or business property. There are no restrictions on foreign nationals acquiring dwellings in Romania. Ownership of land is tricky, but companies incorporated in Romania as well as resident foreign nationals can acquire land, and non-resident EU citizens will be able to own land starting 2012.

If you are considering Property investment in Romania and are hesitant about what property to buy or who to buy the property from, then it is time for you to have a chat with one of our property experts. All the country’s major cities saw an increase in house prices since 2015. We believe now is the right time to invest in Romanian real-estate.

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