MÖVE► (an EVEV company) is an independent consulting firm that helps individual and companies be successful in Romania. We are a multi-disciplinary international team, operating in a very methodical and strategic manner to bring you the business value, in a lean & efficient way.  We arm you with the tools and capabilities to maximize your European opportunities through practical advice and spectacular service.

Movers caterS to individuals, businesses & investors who are keen to settle, set-up shop or invest in Romania. The company provides all the information about investment laws, subsidies and other fringe benefits available to investors that would help them gain significant advantage by investing in Romania.

As an establishment, our mission is to enhance the image of Romania globally. We are your trusted advisors for entry in to Romania, and we are REINVENTING the way companies scale their business operations into Romania and Europe.

Our Approach

Movers approach is methodical and strategic, always looking to achieve the best outcome for all our clients. As experts in this field, it is our goal to ensure our clients get the most value as quickly and as easily as possible.

Our approach is proven, robust and methodical. As experienced practitioners, we know the routes and processes that need to be followed in order to achieve a rapid, positive outcome. Our guiding principles for achieving this outcome include the following cornerstones of our approach.

The Movers approach is 2 simple steps: Listen & Deliver

We first listen carefully to your financial, lifestyle, organizational needs from the outset, understanding your longer-term goals, attitude to risk and investment criteria. Once we understand your exact requirements, we will devise a strategy to achieve your goals.

Then, we deliver. Not only do we identify and assist in the right solution for you, we work closely with the most experienced lawyers in the respective fields to ensure a smooth legal process for our clients.