Letter of Invitation for Romania

Among the states whose citizens need a visa to enter Romania there are some states whose citizens are required an invitation approved by the General Inspectorate for General Immigration – Ministry of Internal Affairs (IGI-MAI) when applying for the short stay visas: C/VV, C/TU and C/A, which are mainly for private visit, tourism and business.

If you need letter of invitation to submit with your Romanian visa application, Contact MÖVE► to see what are the options to get this. Depending on individual cases, we can facilitate both Tourism and Business Invitation Letters. PLEASE NOTE THAT LETTERS OF INVITATION FOR SHORT & LONG STAY VISA, ARE PROVIDED ONLY TO CLIENTS WHO HAS A CONTRACT WITH US FOR BUSINESS SETUP OR INVESTMENT RELATED ASPECTS. 

Under special cases, we can be open to offer the Invitation Letter to individuals who are not our clients. However, this letter does NOT involve any commitments concerning visa approval and most importantly does NOT cover fees, accommodation, travel expenses or other costs regarding your stay in Romania.

The Invitation Letter comes on an official template issued by The General Inspectorate for Immigration, Romania and has to be approved prior to sending it to the visa applicant. The letter will include the invitee’s name, reason for visit, period of stay in Romania, and method of payment of expenses. If the guest is paying his/her own expenses, he/she must be prepared to show the consular officer that sufficient funds are available for the trip. If the Romanian party /host is paying the expenses, an affidavit of support may be included.

Please note: This invitation or affidavit of support cannot guarantee visa issuance, as this is only one aspect of the visa qualification needs.

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