Business Immigration To Romania

Investment for Residency and Citizenship

This type of visa is granted, on the grounds of the prior endorsement of the Romanian Center for the Promotion of Foreign Investments, to third-country nationals who are or will become shareholders or associates, in management and administration positions, within companies which have legal personality in Romania.

Romania has pulled off a minor economic miracle in recent years, sweeping aside the remnants of socialist planning and transforming itself into a model of free-market reform. It is a full member of the EU, and soon in the Schengen, and GDP is moving ahead briskly. Due to the difference in cost of living, it's currently more affordable to invest in Romania than elsewhere in the EU, but with the prospect of rising prosperity due to EU funding, there is a good chance that the value of the investment will grow in the future.

The Romanian Investor Visa provides a method of obtaining residency to all foreign nationals who invest the minimum required amount in Romania in a business that will create at least 10 permanent jobs for a period of minimum 5 years. MÖVE►, using its parent company TRADVICOM, have projects waiting for investors and offer the possibility of investing in projects that are approved by government and qualifies for the investor visa route.

The process of investments in Romania can be very confusing since the legislative apparatus is continuously altering due to multiple political changes, creating in this manner certain ambiguities. Together with our professional consultancy team, we can help you navigate this with ease.

Next Steps:

1) It is critical to gain the right advice from the start to avoid costly mistakes. Every visa scheme is different and in our experience every client situation is different too. Your needs, objectives and your family profile. Contact MÖVE► to ensure your choice is the right one. Our advice is free for clients who use us for their residency and investment needs.

2) Liaise with one of our consultants for full details on the various options we have

All of our services are based on the individual assessment of the client's specific needs, budget, lifestyle and special requirements. Get in touch with a MÖVE► consultant for to find your dream property. We have 100s of property listings to cater to every budget and lifestyle.

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