European Funds Consultancy

The European Commission makes direct financial contributions in the form of grants in support of projects or organizations which further the interests of the EU or contribute to the implementation of an EU programme or policy. The funding is available for projects in all the EU states, including Romania.

MÖVE► has a dedicated in-house EU Funds expert, providing integrated consultancy services for active EU funding programs for Romania. We have a wealth of experience in this domain and we can help you access the required financing for your project. Our aim is to offer non-reimbursable financing solutions to all those who desire to develop projects by using the active programmes of the European Commission. MÖVE►’s all-encompassing offer, assumes responsibility for all phases of the process, from preliminary approval of funding to complete reimbursement of all eligible project-related expenses.

We offer the following services in relation with European Funds:

1. Solutions for accessing European funds:

  • Eligibility analysis
  • Pre-feasibility, Feasibility, Risk and Market study & analysis
  • Identifying the relevant financing programs and making recommendation towards choosing the right program
  • Assistance in defining the objectives adapted to the specific financial lines (defining the concept, the project)
  • Identifying the partners (if necessary)
  • Establishing the strategic business objectives according to the proposed investment
  • Drafting the business & project plan
  • Drafting & submitting the request for financing
  • Drafting the documents needed for signing the financial contract
  • Assistance during the project’s evaluation phase and solving potential discrepancies, if any
  • Technical assistance and project management until its completion

2. Support for implementing the projects financed through European funds:

  • Consultancy and assistance in the management of the project
  • Coordinating and supervising the development of activities within the project in order to successfully implement your project
  • Consultancy and assistance in ensuring the logistic aspects are in place
  • Ensuring a strong relationship between the beneficiary and the authorities involved in the project implementation process
  • Periodic reports on project’s progress
  • Payment reports for financial deduction
  • Development of the evaluation reports
  • Tendering for the procurement and services included within the project;
  • Consultancy and technical assistance in drafting the reimbursement requests

Our strategic focus & key strength, covers the following areas for accessing European funds:

  • Innovation
  • Food industry
  • E-business for SMEs
  • Travel & Tourism industry
  • Environmental initiatives
  • Forestry & Wood processing
  • Agriculture & Rural development
  • Green Energy (Renewable energy)
  • Logistics & Supply-chain efficiencies

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Romania still has the option to develop projects using European Union non-reimbursable funding. This is an opportunity for existing or new business owners, but as with any bureaucratic process, this too requires knowledge and patience.

In order to write a good project, based on the necessities but also on the financial capacity of the applicant, there are some tips for the potential applicants, that plan to access either European funds, or state aid.

Study the business you would like to finance through EU funds

As on the majority of lines the competition is quite high, the applicant has to have a good score obtained by hiring new employees, age of the shareholder, financial indicators, so it is not easy to maintain the investment for 3-5 years, depending on the line and also the employees.

Take into consideration the fact that you cannot do something before having signed the financing contract; it takes minimum 6 months for the projects to be evaluated, so you should plan to have the equipment’s in a year.

Example: on the line 312 FEADR, for each EUR 25.000, non-refundable, you have to employ a person

Choose your consultant very carefully!

It is very important to have a good consultant to advise you from the beginning until the end of the project on needed documentation but also about legislative aspects in Romania: construction, activity, needed permits etc.

The decision should be based on the proved experience of the consultant on the specific financing line where you plan to submit your project. Something that few know: the costs with the consultant are deductible from the total project costs.

Example: If you would like to submit a project on the state aid line HG1680/2008, ask the consultant to prove you his experience =approved projects on this line

Give your project a size in line with your financial capacity

After a first discussion with the consultant you should analyze the budget of your project, the period of implementation depending on the amount that you can put, either as a loan or your own money.

Example: If you have a EUR 200.000 euro, you receive 70% non-refundable, you support 60.000 euro in the end +VAT if you buy the equipment from Romania, or the society pays VAT.

All the non-refundable lines function based on the principle of reimbursement-you pay the equipment and the Authority reimburse you 70% of what you’ve spent, so you need money for hauling time.

Collaborate with the consultant and the team involved

Accessing EU funds it is a long time partnership with the consultant, taking from one to three years, from 1-3 years. You need to provide the requested documents respecting the deadlines, especially when you have a session to submit the project.

Example: If the session to submit projects is in 6 months’ time, you should have already started preparing the project, buy the land, prepare the draws, ask for offers etc. in order to have the project ready. Timing is of critical essence here, and planning it well ahead guarantees a higher probability of your success.

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