Departure Services

There are a number of things once must settle before leave Romania, at the close of their business engagement or mandate. During your departure period, time if of the utmost essence to you, and you may not have adequate time to close your outstanding matters, some of which can include:

  • Post-office notification for the address change
  • Arranging new mail forwarding service
  • Cancelling all club memberships, TV, Mobile subscriptions etc.
  • Arrange waste disposal following move-out
  • Arrange pick-up of any remaining furniture or clothes not that were not shipped out, and ensure it is delivered to local charitable organizations or orphanages
  • Assistance in selling of any cars or assets, that are not being shipped out with the expat
  • Contact all relevant utilities and arrange cancellation and settle final bills
  • Negotiate return of rent deposit

MÖVE► is able to quickly and efficiently close all your pending affairs in Romania in the shortest period of time.

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